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New Local Talent Studio Opening Soon

New Local Talent Studio Opening Soon

There’s no business like show business, and an emerging local talent studio is aiming to help families and kids navigate the performing arts industry.

Westside Talent Studios will be offering a range of courses for young people looking to break into the business or develop their talent in areas such as on-camera auditions, and acting techniques for a range of abilities for both film/television and stage performance. Courses will be taught by working professionals, including actors, directors, and casting people. Students will be placed based on their ability and needs, determined by an acting assessment prior to placement.

The studio will be an advantage to families with children developing skills and experience in the industry. Many studios who offer similar services are located in Toronto or the GTA. Like larger studios, Westside Talent Studio will offer workshops such as voice and animation, dialects, casting calls, and the auditioning process. Workshops will also be available for parents looking to familiarize themselves with the industry.

The organization has found a home in a newly-renovated building at 2 Darling Street. Director of Operations Lorne Kadish knows first-hand the importance of these training sessions: “Having spent the last 7 to 8 years seeking learning opportunities for my daughter, we discovered we weren’t alone,” says Kadish. “A lot of families with aspiring child actors were looking for the same thing. Unfortunately, most are in the GTA and can blow the budget.”

Westside Talent Studios is scheduled to open in April 2015. Those who are interested in finding more information about the organization and their services are invited to email or visit


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