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Getting Ready for a Socially-Distant Easter

Getting Ready for a Socially-Distant Easter

We are facing unprecedented times and every day we define a new ‘normal’ for ourselves. This weekend, those who celebrate Easter are tasked with the challenge of making it feel like a ‘normal’ holiday in the absence of friends and family members.

Easter Egg Hunts

Popular Easter Egg Hunts (such as Brantwood Farms, Myrtleville House Museum and Easter at Addies) have all been cancelled. That doesn’t mean you can’t plan your own backyard or indoor Egg hunt. Le Chocolat du Savoie, Sweet Bakery and Brant Cookies are all taking orders for delicious homemade chocolates and treats. Visit them on Facebook to view their menu and options for takeout and delivery. Pop the treats in reusable eggs (available online through and you are ready to go with your own fun and safe egg hunt.

Easter Feasts

Grocery stores are working tirelessly to provide us with the food we all want and need – safely. You can order online from most grocery stores and pick-up (for free!) or have it delivered right to your home at minimal cost. This means that you can still prepare your own Easter feast at home. It might mean cooking a smaller amount – or maybe revamping your menu entirely. You could also split up the menu with family you normally celebrate with and then divide the food you prepare into Tupperware containers and deliver right to their porch. You can also order your chocolates online from grocery stores and in order to keep your transactions contact-less.

Is cooking not your thing? Why not order some delicious takeout from one of our incredible local restaurants? On The Lam, Al Dentes, Mercasa Little Italy Eatery, Hudson PublicWhite Rabbit Catering and Strodes BBQ and Deli are all offering delicious meals to go.

Skip the Dishes and Uber Eats have already partnered with many of these local restaurants and more to continue to deliver your favourite meals right to your front door. (Sidenote: they knock on your door and leave, making the transaction completely contact-less.)

Keeping social while social distancing

This is the hardest part of all. You want to see friends and family and reach out and hug your loved ones. Postpone this. When this is all said and done, have your delicious dinner and host the get together you wanted to. For now, try using online platforms like FaceTime, Zoom and House Party to get the social interaction you are craving. Enjoy your meal with your laptop or iPad in the middle of the table so that you can see your relatives. Or make time to schedule a call with those important friends you are missing and have a glass of wine and a chat in real-time.

If you have kids, they will be missing their grandparents and vice versa. Consider taking them out for a “visit” and stand on the front lawn while Grandma and Grandpa stand on the porch or just inside their doorway. You can even bring some sidewalk chalk and write a beautiful note or colourful picture on their driveway so that they can look at it and enjoy for days to come.

It’s not going to be the Easter we are all used to, but it’s going to be a good one if you make it so. You can also find even more ways to make this holiday special for people with thoughtful gestures that truly won’t be forgotten. Think of what YOU want this Easter most of all, and then try to make that happen for someone special in your life.

Happy Easter, friends! Take care of yourselves.

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