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Sport Groups in Brantford Keep Up the Pace

Sport Groups in Brantford Keep Up the Pace

There are many local sport organizations in Brantford that are helping their members, (and the public) stay active while keeping their training and conditioning up. Even though all practices, games and competitions have been cancelled or postponed, many are still offering drills and routines. Online streaming is now a great way for local sport organizations to keep in contact with their athletes and for coaches to run their teams through their routines to keep activity levels up so they are ready for the day they can once again hit the ice, turf, court, mat and field.

Here is a round-up of some of the great local sport groups and coaches that are reaching out and doing their part to get us all through this. Their commitment to sport and their athletes is overwhelming and so greatly appreciated. Thank you for all you do!

If you or your sport group is offering online training, drop us a line at and we will be sure to add you to this list.

Reach Gymnastics Club is live and interactive on Facebook every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 11:00am. Coach Chauntelle will take you through stretches, tutorials, drills and motivation to help you reach the weekly goals. You can even type in a message to her during the workouts so she knows you are there and will give a shout-out to the kids watching. Follow Reach Gymnastics Club on Facebook to try your hand at some of Coach Chauntelle's weekly challenge. Some of her challenges include: taking a picture of yourself doing the splits (safely) somewhere in your home or outside, and putting your shirt on while doing a handstand on the wall. It’s a great way to keep the littles and gymnasts of all ages active doing their splits and handstands!

Blog Header: Chauntelle is pictured doing her splits challenge.

Role provides basketball skills and holistic development in Brantford and is now providing Facebook Live videos and tutorials for basketball players and athletes of all ages. Coach JR will help breakdown the proper techniques needed for shooting and dribbling, safe warm-ups and cool-downs and exercise options to adapt to the equipment you have available at home. He even brings in his son (Coach) Reinen to help young kids see how they too can “stay home, stay active, stay consistent.” These are very informative videos provided in an easy to follow format. And Coach JR’s use of improvised items for exercise reps will truly inspire you.

Black Eye Boxing Club is streaming workouts to Facebook Live. You’ll see coaches take you through drills of warm-ups and shadowboxing plus move you through reps with hand weights, jump ropes and the heavy bag if you have one. Videos are streaming from the homes and backyards of the club’s coaches to show you how to improvise and use what you have. This boxing club has a very impressive facility located in Eagle Place and is definitely a place to check out once it is safe to do so again. And like most videos from home these days…the pets even get in on the action and want some screen time too.

Brant Artistic Swimming Club is re-posting to their Facebook page many resources and videos for their athletes. These are to help with flexibility and to keep their extensions in top form. Coaches are also checking in with their teams with flex sessions via Zoom. The club is partnering with a neighbouring community for an online challenge called the #dadssplitchallenge and the dads showing off their splits skills are inspiring as they show their support for their children during this time. Way to go team and dads! #strengthpowerpride

Brantford Galaxy Youth Soccer Club is posting great videos on their Facebook page of their team members running through their drills outside. The athletes inspire you to make time every day to get outside and practice. You’ll see controlled foot work, juggling skills and a player who practices touches on the ball for 2-3 hours! Keep up the great work!

Modo Yoga Brantford will help you find your inner calm during this time by offering virtual classes on Facebook Live and Instagram Live. This is a community of inspired students who joined together by their love of yoga, their commitment to protecting the earth, and their drive to bring more peace into the world. Instructors will guide you through Flow Yoga, Body Bliss and Guided Mindful Sit to help ground your focus and centre your thoughts. Calm. Fit. Inspired.


Senshi Academy of Martial Arts in West Brant is running online training for three days during the week. They are offering training Tuesday and Thursday at 6:15pm and Saturdays at 1:30pm as well as private lessons through Zoom. The philosophy of this family-run business is “To build success through communication, student engagement, anti-bullying and promotion of fun, fitness and sportsmanship.”





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