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Get Moving Outdoors With Functional Movement Patterns

Get Moving Outdoors With Functional Movement Patterns

For all the many reasons we exercise, the ultimate goal of being active is to be able to stay active. On today’s blog we’re going to talk about the seven Fundamental Movement Patterns so that you can craft intentional activity that will keep you moving. Summer is a great time to add some fresh air to the mix so grab your shoes and water, and try these exercises outside!


Think picking up your child or tying your shoe. This motion should be done by bending at the hips with slightly bent knees, back flat and core engaged. Exercises include Romanian deadlifts, glute bridges.


A movement that should be used in many circumstances where we hinge instead. When your knees bend they should stay behind your toes, back flat, chest up. Exercises include squat jumps, monster walks.


A combination of squatting and hinging. Lunging actions are extremely important for developing strength and agility by targeting one side of the body at a time. Exercises include bench step ups, side lunges.


Most people think push-up when they hear the word ‘push.’ However, it’s simpler than that. We use a push action to open doors, get up off the floor or walk around with a shopping cart. Exercises include wall push-ups, overhead press.


Pulling doors, rearranging furniture and picking up groceries are examples of pulling actions. Exercises include weighted rows, reverse fly.


This is a combo action that we use every day. In plain language it means walking and holding things. How many times do you do this in a day? Having good posture and core engagement are important in building strength and maintaining health in this area. Exercises include walking, jogging, overhead carry or single side carry.


Turning around, reaching across the desk or table, vacuuming and other household chores are all examples of twist actions. As these positions are less stable for our bodies, it’s important to have a strong core to prevent injury. Exercises include Russian twist, plank twists.

Not sure how to do these movements? A quick internet search will yield step by step instructions or videos for you to follow along. With any new movement or exercise regimen, you should always proceed with caution and check with a healthcare professional if you have any concerns before you begin. Stay safe and stay strong!


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