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Try Disc Golf At Mohawk Park

Try Disc Golf At Mohawk Park

If you know the rules of golf and you can throw a Frisbee, Mohawk Park has a game for you! It’s called disc golf, and it's high flying fun for all ages.

Disc golf is a sport much like regular golf, but instead of balls and clubs, players throw a Frisbee. Participants throw onward from behind wherever your disc lands, aiming to eventually sink it into an upright basket target in the fewest number of strokes.

The sport has been around since 1970, and Mohawk Park has had it's own disc golf course since 2006. It’s a full 18-hole golf course, complete with large rubber tee pads from which you make your first throw, elevated chain baskets, and signage listing the par for each hole. Most of the fairways are under one hundred meters, but the park’s trees provide fun and challenging obstacles that threaten to knock your disc off course if you aren’t careful!

The course is open to the public and takes one to two hours to complete. An afternoon playing offers upper and lower body conditioning, aerobic exercise and mental stimulation. Although professional disc golfers employ a range of forehand, backhand, and hammer throws to navigate the course, the basics are easy to learn, even if you haven’t touched a Frisbee since elementary school.



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