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Step Into Fall With a Brantford Scavenger Hunt

Step Into Fall With a Brantford Scavenger Hunt

The first day of fall is here which means one thing…pumpkin spice is everywhere you look! Fall also brings cool fresh air, shades of scarlet and gold foliage, and opportunities to enjoy the outdoors in your favourite cozy ensemble.

Get outside and stay active with a Brantford scavenger hunt the whole family can enjoy! For some extra fun, split your group into two or challenge another friend to see who can complete the list the fastest. Tag us in your photos of your favourite sightings on social media using #BrantfordTogether.

Find and take a picture of each of the following items (worth 1 point each):

  1.     A statue or monument of a famous historical figure
  2.     Fresh produce that is either growing in a garden or for sale at an outdoor stand
  3.     A lake, river, stream or pond
  4.     A place where you can buy locally made items
  5.     A place that is currently closed that you can’t wait to go to when it opens again
  6.     A hiking or biking trail sign
  7.     A place where you can go in the future to hear live music
  8.     A town clock or church bell (bonus point for video footage of the bell ringing on the hour)
  9.     A “Welcome To Brantford” sign
  10.     A golf course
  11.     A sign for a street or road that begins with the letter B
  12.     A local restaurant where you’ve eaten before
  13.     A local restaurant that you haven’t been to yet but would like to go to in the future
  14.     A garden fountain or other kind of water feature
  15.     A baseball diamond
  16.     A Canada Post mailbox
  17.     Squirrels looking for food
  18.     A house with a “For Sale” sign in the yard


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