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Come Try Ringette!

Come Try Ringette!

There is a great opportunity to try something new! The Paris Ringette Association is holding a free session to let you come out and try this exciting sport. Ringette is a unique winter sport, played mainly by females but is open to all.  Ringette is a non-contact sport where players use a straight stick with a specially designed tip and a hollow rubber blue ring.

On Saturday, September 12th join in the fun at the Brant Sports Complex in Paris from 9:00 am – 11:00 am.  Bring skates, gloves and a helmet.  And if you don’t have the equipment, the Paris Ringette Association will let you borrow theirs.  So bring a friend…have some fun…and Come Try Ringette!

A brief history of Ringette

Ringette is a Canadian invention that has become one of the fastest team sports on ice. Sam Jacks, a recreation director and sports enthusiast from North Bay, Ontario, invented the sport in 1963 when he saw the need for a winter team sport for girls. Interestingly enough, Sam Jacks was also responsible for the development and introduction of floor hockey in 1936.

Since the early 1960s, the sport has continued to grow and currently boasts over 30,000 registered players on nearly 2000 teams, with over 8000 coaches and over 1500 officials. While it is primarily a female sport, there are currently over 700 males playing ringette across the country.

Ringette, like hockey, is played on ice with skates and sticks with six players per team on the ice at once. 

The objective is to score goals by shooting the object of play into the opposing team’s net at either end of the rink during stop-time periods of play. But this is where the comparisons between ringette and hockey really end. The stick is straight. The object being pursued by the players is a rubber ring, not a puck. There is no intentional body contact. And the rules of ringette make it a wide-open and dynamic sport.

Ontario Ringette boasts a membership of over 75 Local Associations with over 9,500 players registered. 2,600 coaches, 600 referees and countless volunteers are also active in Ringette. 


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