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Featured Artist: Local Author, Ali Purser Hie

Featured Artist: Local Author, Ali Purser Hie

November’s Featured Artist is Ali Purser Hie, an emerging author from Jarvis who now calls Brantford home.

Hie has been writing since she was a young child, and it is one of the many ways that she expresses her creativity (she loves to paint and knit, too). Hie has known that she wanted to be a writer since she was 8-years old; she was working on a story called, When I Was 8, and it occurred to her that who better to connect to an 8-year old than another 8-year old?

In the last year, Hie has become involved with the Brant Rant, and has been sharing her work, which she says is a “very scary thing as a writer as it feels like you’re truly baring your soul.” For Hie, writing is something that she has always done for her own emotional and creative well-being, noting, “Writing has always been something I’ve turned to. It has saved me many times.”

Hie’s most recent publication is a collection of dark short stories called Horror, Gore and Ontario Shores. Inspiration for the fictional tales came from Ontario’s haunted places and history, and most are written using poetic prose – a rhythmic style of writing that lends a compelling effect to the story.

She mentions that writing is an accessible art form for everyone, as it requires very little to get started in order to translate your imagination to paper. Hie’s advise to aspiring writers is to write as much as possible to develop their craft: “Seriously, write all the time, about everything you love, and stay true to the things that ‘give you the feels’ because if you love what you write, then it is a success.”

Horror, Gore and Ontario Shores is available for purchase online through the Createspace e-store and Amazon.

For more information about Ali Purser Hie, click here to open a new browser window.

Photo: Ali Purser Hie reciting her work as part of the Brant Rant Poetry slam at The Starving Artist Gallery Café in downtown Brantford.


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