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Public Art Feature: Joseph Brant Monument

Public Art Feature: Joseph Brant Monument

The City of Brantford is fortunate to have several high quality pieces of public art, including the historic Joseph Brant Monument located at the centre of the Victoria Park Square Heritage Conservation District

The granite and bronze monument is dedicated to Joseph Brant and the Six Nations Confederacy, and is considered to have been one of the first pieces of statuary of its kind in North America. It was sculpted by Percy Wood, of London, England, and was dedicated on October 13, 1886.  

There are four bronze reliefs at the base of the monument and six figures representing each of the Six Nations located at the midpoint, along with a statue of Joseph Brant at the top.


A limestone tablet at the base of the monument identifies numerous contributors to the project, including that the bronze used in the statue came from cannons donated by the British Crown.


The Economic Development & Tourism Department has been responsible for the annual maintenance of the monuments since the city adopted its Public Art Policy in 2010. 



In 2013, the limestone tablet underwent significant restoration by a heritage conservator in order to replace several lead letters in the inscription and remove the moss and lichen that had developed on the stone.  

Today, the monument and tablet still appear just as they were in 1886!




This summer, upgrades to Victoria Park were completed that include new walkways and seating. A celebration of the revitalization of the park is taking place on October 2 from 11 am to 2 pm, and everyone is welcome to attend.

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