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Featured Artist, Robert Crosby

Featured Artist, Robert Crosby

The City of Brantford's Featured Artist for January 2016 is local acrylic painter Robert Crosby.  

Crosby is originally from the east coast, and moved to Brantford in 1982. Crosby has enjoyed painting and drawing since he was a child, and was encouraged by his family and teachers to follow an artistic path. He began painting using oil paints and a palette knife, but over the years he has transitioned to using brushes acrylic paint as he feels the medium gives him more control and stands up to time.

He is a trained painter who studied under Ken Cosgrove, master printmaker, at Niagara College. Cosgrove taught him a valuable lesson while Robert was still a student: paint what you want to paint, rather than trying to please other people. He remembers this advice as he paints, and feels that painting what he likes makes the experience more personally satisfying. Crosby has shown his work for several years, in many local spaces such as Glenhyrst Art Gallery of Brant, the Brantford Station House & Gallery, and at the Blue Dog.

When he isn’t photographing his surroundings and painting, Crosby enjoys exploring independent local restaurants and galleries, such as the Crawford Collective and the Brantford Station Gallery, as well as the open natural settings just outside the city limits. He notes that there is always something going on if you simply look.

Crosby’s advice to aspiring artists is to do what you love and not let any dissuade you: “It your work and you need to be happy with it. Don’t let other people distract you from your goal, and do not become despondent if people criticize your work. Other people will love it. Be happy with your accomplishments.”

For more information about Robert Crosby, visit his website by clicking here to open a new browser window.


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  • A truly talented artist making Brantford proud. I visited Robert's website mentioned in the above article and his work is awe inspiring. We need a gallery in Brantford to permanently showcase the talent we have...
    1/7/2016 2:47:09 PM Reply

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