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Food Trucks Stop @ Exit 36

Food Trucks Stop @ Exit 36

On Thursday nights in May through September, lineups of residents and folks from surrounding communities gather at Evangel Church (30 Fairview Drive, Brantford) to enjoy up to five delicious food trucks from across Ontario. Each week features around four savoury, and one sweet food truck.

Truck Stop @ Exit 36 is a hub for people to meet their neighbours, while comfortable in an environment that everyone can appreciate – dinnertime! Large tables are available to eat family style, and there are plenty of toys on the lawn to keep children occupied while parents can sample foods from a variety of cuisines. Some people arrive alone and strike up conversations with neighbours, while others sometimes arrive in larger groups to have birthday party picnics of food truck fare.

The idea behind Truck Stop @ Exit 36 is to be a place to bring the community together and encourage connectedness. Pastor Craig McKibbon notes that it is important for his church “to not just be somewhere, but to be involved in the development of the community.” He loves Brantford, and appreciates being a part of how the City is exploring itself and learning about its opportunities and capabilities, especially when it comes to culture. “Culture is an invisible sinew… you don’t see it, but you sense it. Culture shifts and the people who are inside that culture have the best opportunity to move it where it needs to go.”

Truck Stop @ Exit 36 runs on Thursdays from 5-8pm in May through September, except for July 6 when Evangel Church encourages everyone to enjoy the local Brantford International Villages Festival (July 5-8, 2017).

 To get weekly updates about which food trucks will be stopping at Evangel Church, click here to view and follow the event on Facebook.


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