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Reflecting on the River: Team Training That Flows!

Reflecting on the River: Team Training That Flows!

Reflecting on the River is a four season outdoor experiential learning program, based in Brantford. The owner, Chris McCurdy, has over thirty years experience learning about team and leadership challenges in business. Realizing it was time to share that learning, Chris has taken his ability to guide others and combined it with his love of nature to create an experiential learning process that will provide customers will fundamental skills in communication, team building, and leadership.

Programs are run year-round in the woodlands of the Grand River Watershed and include river adventures in spring, summer and early fall. McCurdy works with corporate leaders to tailor programs to the specific needs of their team, with communication and leadership skill building at the root of every experience. The ability to connect with others in today’s high speed and demanding environment is both critical to one’s success and extremely challenging. Strong communication skills are fundamental to high-performing teams, strong relationships, and excellent leadership. During these interactive sessions, teams will be given a challenge and need to work together to accomplish a common goal. Learning how to correctly steer a canoe can be challenging to inexperienced rowers in unfamiliar territory, so effective communication and strong leadership skills will help teams reach their destinations.

The application of these skills within organizations has proven to successfully speed up processes, expedite understanding of key issues, enhance team building, improve collaboration, reduce waste, promote job satisfaction, and most importantly improve communication among teams.

The team members will build better working relationships with each other to facilitate the sharing of ideas, to constructively and effectively challenge positions, and to better align their vision, goals, and actions.

Through experiential learning, participants will improve their ability to manage stress, develop their ability to focus on priorities, connect with others in a more meaningful way, and sharpen their natural ability for high performance.

In his heart, Chris believes the Reflecting on the River adventure is his “gift to the next generation of successful business, organization, and team leaders.”

For more information about Reflecting on the River or to contact Chris McCurdy, please click this link to open a new browser window.


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