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Brantford's Town Crier Awarded Second Runner-Up in Bermuda International Town Crier Competition

Brantford's Town Crier Awarded Second Runner-Up in Bermuda International Town Crier Competition

Brantford’s Official Town Crier, David McKee, was recently awarded the second runner-up trophy in the 2017 Bermuda International Town Crier Competition (BITCC). This tournament was hosted by The Town of St. George on the beautiful island of Bermuda from April 18 to April 22, 2017. The competition consisted of three cries, each on a different date and at different locations between St. George and Hamilton. Each competition cry consisted of four judges, three unique to each location and one judge consistent throughout.

The reigning champion, Mark Wylie of Calne, U.K., took home the first-place prize once again and second place went to Chris Whyman of Kingston, Ontario. Of the fifteen criers in the competition, seven were from the U.K., seven from Canada, and one from the U.S.A.

On his second cry of the competition, McKee proudly touted Brantford in saying, “I offer you a truly unique experience of your own. Come visit Brantford, Canada! See where Alexander Graham Bell conceived the telephone. Embrace the legacy of the Iroquois Confederacy. Catch freshwater fish in the Grand River. Trek 70 kilometers of the Trans Canada Trail. Enjoy spectacular gardens, award-winning festivals and the great contests of the Tournament Capital of Ontario.”

McKee has been the official Town Crier for Brantford since 1991 and was thrilled to represent the city he loves in an international competition. McKee is able to attend these events through generous donations and support from the community, and he thanks those who have contributed. This year, not only is there an international competition in Bermuda, but there is also a Canadian Championship in Markham, Ontario in June. McKee notes that this will be the first Canadian championship since before he became Town Crier and he has his sights on winning this event during Canada’s 150th year.

For more information about the Bermuda International Town Crier Competition, click this link to open in a new browser window


The above photo (L to R): Hamilton Crier, Ed Christopher, Hamilton Mayor, Charles Gosling, David McKee, St. George Mayor, Quinell Francis, St. George Crier, David Frith.


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