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Yoga with Goats is a Thing!

Yoga with Goats is a Thing!

It’s more than just a yoga class, and it may even sound silly, but it’s a trending phenomenon sweeping the nation and now we have it right here in Brantford. Yoga is about disconnecting with day-to-day stress, illness and depression and focusing on positive and happy vibes. What better way to do that then in the presence of some sweet and curious barnyard animals? This is Goat Yoga!

What started as a whim on a farm in Albany, Oregon in late 2016 has now become a popular fad across the United States and Canada. By January 2017, there was a 900-strong waiting list for goat yoga class in Albany, attracting yogis from Seattle, Portland, California and even Chicago. Thus a need for more goat yoga farms was created.

Trish Omeara, owner of Holly Hill Hobby Farm in Brantford, credits her sister for introducing her to the goat yoga fad. Trish’s farm housed many goats, chickens, and 2 ponies already, so she quickly reached out to a friend who was a yoga instructor and invited her to test out the goat yoga fad on her farm. Offering one class a week with 10 to 20 participants in each right out the gate, goat yoga has been a success for the Holly Hill Hobby Farm in Brantford.

“Goats and yoga – it just seems to go together well. People love the environment and doing yoga inside the barn on the cooler days or outside when the weather is nice. There’s something so peaceful and tranquil about the setting. Goats are both curious and friendly, so they are the perfect animal to do yoga with,” Trish explains of the success and draw to her farm. “Of course it’s fun too. People are excited to check it out and there’s lots of giggling and picture taking on cell phones too.”

Goats are conflictingly social and a little mischievous, so the yoga mats provide an ideal chew toy and also a great place to snuggle with someone during downward dog. At $20 class, it’s the same price as competing yoga studios in the city, but with the added ambience of being with animals in nature. Trish also lets participants feed her goats and ponies after their workout too.

Join Trish and yoga instructor, Julie O’Neill, at Holly Hill Hobby Farm (76 Hammond Road) in Brantford on Monday, July 3, 2017 for a belated Canada 150 celebration.  This FREE event will feature a Yoga with Goats class, followed by visits with the goats, horses and ponies. All ages and experience levels welcome, and donations will be welcomed with hopes of raising funds for Wind Dancer Pony Rescue, the organization in which Trish adopted her ponies from. For more information on this registered charity, please visit

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