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It’s time to start planning your Culture Days activities!

It’s time to start planning your Culture Days activities!

Culture Days is a coast-to-coast, Canadian celebration of arts, culture, and heritage, with the goal of transforming the way Canadians view and engage in the cultural life of their community. This year Culture Days will be September 29 to October 1, and will feature thousands of free, hands-on, interactive activities across Canada.

Culture Days doesn’t restrict its definition of culture! Anyone working in heritage, TV/film, new media, design, sport, recreation, architecture, culinary, or anything else they deem to be “cultural” are welcome to participate. Host a movie in the park and invite children to participate in a paper mural! Offer a craft beer tasting to drive new business to your restaurant! Teach a new audience how to do some of the dance steps you’ve learned! Host a poetry slam or concert and invite the audience to choose the set list or vote on their favourites!

Any activity – whether it’s professional, community, amateur, or educational – can be part of Culture Days. Offering your own Culture Days activity is easy; events that you have offered in the past, or are planning to offer may even fulfill the simple criteria needed to participate:

  1. The event must be free, so you cannot charge for participation. That said, you can always sell things at your event, or put out a voluntary donation box.
  2. The event must be participatory in some way. You want people to try something new, so think of offering activities like behind-the-scenes tours, show visitors how things work, or do a demo or workshop.
  3. The event must take place over the Culture Days weekend (September 29-October 1). It does not have to run every day, or all day, but it must take place on one of those days. There is no minimum or maximum time to commit.
  4. The event must be registered on the Culture Days website.

Do you need assistance planning your event? Do you have a venue you’d like to offer for a Culture Days activity? If you would like to run your own activity or assist others, but are not quite sure who to link up with, contact the City of Brantford and we would be happy to connect you to local resources. 

For more information about Culture Days in Brantford, please contact: Sara Munroe, Arts & Culture Coordinator, or 519-751-9900

To register your event on the Culture Days website (a requirement to participate), click here to open the Culture Days Activity Registration page in a new browser window. 



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