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Featured Artist, Elizabeth Gosse

Featured Artist, Elizabeth Gosse

September’s Featured Artist is Elizabeth Gosse, a self-taught artist who loves to create and participate in community-based art projects.

Gosse began her journey with community art projects in 2010 with a Brantford-based project called “It’s Your Here.” For this project, she invited the community to splash, pour, or paint on textured wood boards to create a mural. “I loved working with the community and the project grew.” Since then, she has worked on community art projects in Hamilton, Markham, Mississauga, Toronto, Kitchener-Waterloo, Guelph, and Cambridge, using different mediums and approaches to participative projects.

A number of artists that are close to her provide a constant source of inspiration and encouragement. Her mother, Cathy Gosse, is a self-taught artist who always encouraged her daughter to draw and paint. Her husband, another local artist named John Steinberg, is also an inspiration and source of ongoing support for her. They have collaborated on a number of projects, and she notes that they enjoy bouncing ideas off each other. She notes that another inspirational person for her is her cousin, Ean Kools, a street artist who introduced her to the art scene in her hometown of Cambridge, Ontario, and helped her to get involved in the arts community through the Cambridge Arts Festival and local exhibitions.

Gosse has lived in Brantford for four years, and says that she enjoys living and working in a city that is “full of opportunities.” She recognizes that the emerging arts community is supportive of artists and their creative endeavors. “From acquaintances, to friends, to local businesses, there always seems to be an avenue for artists to be involved in our community.” 

Elizabeth loves to share her work with other people. Her skillful use of colour often brightens someone’s day, and she appreciates the ability to use her talents to support local initiatives. “I love getting communities involved in the arts, whether it is getting their hands dirty or coming out to the event.”

This love of community projects continues with her most recent project, commissioned by the City of Brantford. Gosse was one of the ten local artists who was selected to design one of the City’s Little Free Libraries, to be installed in late September 2017. Her Library was inspired by her love of reading. “Books are a portal into so many different worlds, to new ideas, to other people and history,” she says. “I wanted to celebrate my love of reading with vibrant colours. You will have to watch for the final results this fall!

Image: © Elizabeth Gosse, Tears of Dawn, acrylic on canvas, detail. 

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