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Ontario Amateur Sport Fund and Ontario – Parasport Strong Funding Announcement

Ontario Amateur Sport Fund and Ontario – Parasport Strong Funding Announcement

This past February, the City of Brantford and the County of Brant had the honour to host the 2017 Ontario ParaSport Winter Games.  Athletes with disabilities from all over the province competed in high caliber events that showcased them as the incredible and dedicated athletes that they are.  Our aim was to shine a light on the parasports and those that elevate them to centre stage.  The province of Ontario is being proactive by announcing additional funding for this sector to help all athletes have opportunities to compete and make their mark on the sporting world.  The following press release was shared on December 1, 2017:

Ontario is boosting its support for amateur athletes by further investing in Provincial Sport Organizations (PSOs)and Multi-Sport Organizations (MSOs) as well as the Parasport sector in Ontario.

Our government values the important role Provincial Sport Organizations and Multi-Sport Organizations play in providing high quality sport programs across Ontario. We are providing over $16 million for two years (an investment of over $8 million this year and next) through the Ontario Amateur Sport Fund. This funding will support recognized PSOs, MSOs and organizations that support student athlete sport at postsecondary organizations.

I am also excited for the new Ontario – Parasport Strong funding program, a program funded through our Ontario150 program and an important legacy of this summer’s highly successful Invictus Games. Ontario is providing a direct investment of $820,000 to increase access to sport for Ontarians living with physical disabilities.  Ontario – Parasport Strong funding will:

  •       A dedicated grant program for Provincial Sport Organizations and Multi-sport Organizations to support the development of parasport programming and build system capacity.
  •       High performance enhancements to parasport through the Canadian Sport Institute of Ontario.
  •       Support for the Coaches Association of Ontario to recruit and train coaches and technical officials on parasport-focused programming.
  •       A physical literacy parasport pilot project that will be delivered by the Ontario Parasport Collective, in conjunction with the Canadian Paralympic Committee.

To let others know how the Ontario Amateur Sport Fund and Ontario – Parasport Strong will make a positive impact on our sport system, I encourage you to share our Facebook post and Tweet about today’s announcement.

Thank you for your commitment to supporting Ontario’s athletes and coaches.  Together, we will create a world class amateur sport system that is accessible to all and develop the next generation of athletes.

All my best,

Eleanor McMahon                                                                 

Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport                                        



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