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April Featured Artists: The Artists of Brantf[e]rd Crew

April Featured Artists: The Artists of Brantf[e]rd Crew

The Artists of Brantf[e]rd is an online documentary series that features mini-documentaries about artists from Brantford, the County of Brant, and Six Nations. The team behind these films is a group of exceptional storytellers, seeking to merge creativity and reality to represent the truth.

The documentaries are produced by Duncan Levett and Alie Mayr, who met at Mohawk College in the TV Broadcasting Department, and have been creating films together ever since. Along with a crew of talented people who work with them behind the scenes, they are the creators of the Artists of Brantf[e]rd series.

Levett grew up in Brantford and was always surrounded by art. “It’s unavoidable with the public displays throughout the downtown and all the organizations dedicated to art,” he says. Mayr is a Vancouver native who paints, draws, and studied art history. They quickly realized how deep and rich Brantford’s arts scene is – “in spite of how little it gets the spotlight,” they say. The team enjoys filming in downtown Brantford the most, due to its ever-changing mix of urban development and natural beauty.

Communication and time are their most valuable resources, but they also stress that it is important to be modest and always open to learning from others. “Filmmaking is as much a technical skill as it is an art, but it’s also a serious group effort,” they note. “Nobody knows everything but someone else probably knows something you don’t, so be humble, be honest, and be open to new ideas that aren’t your own, and give credit where credit is due.”

The team is grateful for the reception they’ve received from the community, and they are continually inspired by the artists they meet here. In particular, they mention that local artist Dave McCreary is one of their most valuable mentors. “[He’s] been amazing to us – his knowledge and attitude toward Brantford has been a huge inspiration.”

This month, the Artists of Brantf[e]rd are working with Paris artist, Paul Cheney, and NMEdj, a Brantford DJ and music producer. They hope to have their documentaries up on their social media pages in May. In the future, the team hopes to expand to longer, more substantial pieces that celebrate Brantford’s arts scene.

For more information about Artists of Brantf[e]rd, and to view some of their work over the last few months, follow them on social media, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.



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