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So, What is Eco Tourism anyway?

So, What is Eco Tourism anyway?

Eco tourism is a market that is growing rapidly within Canada, and is an extremely profitable sector of Canada’s tourism economy, but what is it? As the industry has grown, the Tourism Industry Association of Canada defines eco-tourism as:
“…a segment of sustainable tourism that offers experiences that enable visitors to discover natural areas while preserving their integrity, and to understand, through interpretation and education, the natural and cultural sense of place. It fosters respect toward the environment, reflects sustainable business practices, creates socio-economic benefits for communities/regions, and recognizes and respects local and indigenous cultures, traditions, and values.”
There are a wide variety of eco-tourism experiences in Brantford and its surrounding communities, and visitors can travel responsibility while enjoying experiences that conserve the natural environment and preserve the culture and beliefs of the Indigenous population. Some of these experiences are highlighted in the new Explore the Grand Signature Experience Guide, including Grand Experiences Outdoor Adventure Company, over 70 km of trails, and Kayanase, where visitors can learn about Haudenosaunee history and culture by visiting the 17th century replica Longhouse.
Six Nations Polytechnic, right here in Brantford (411 Elgin Street), offers an Eco-Tourism program that prepares students who are interested in entering the careers in resorts, national and provincial parks, outfitter and outdoor adventure companies, trail development, and conservation authorities, for example. The program teaches students the knowledge and skill-sets required to work for outdoor-based tourism organizations or to operate their own unique business. Learn leadership skills through activities like hiking and snowshoeing, and visit ecology centres, outdoor adventure organizations, and natural attractions in the area to learn more. You’ll also learn camping skills, earth sciences, native customs and traditions, and search and rescue techniques. For more information about this program offered locally, click here


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