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July's Featured Artist is Local Author Michael Poeltl

July's Featured Artist is Local Author Michael Poeltl

July’s Featured Artist is local author and visual artist Michael Poeltl. Michael moved to Brantford a year ago and is an author of ten books written in various genres. He is currently promoting his self-published science fiction novel A.I. Insurrection.
Michael has been writing ever since he can remember but pursued visual arts as an illustrator. He is a graduate of the BA program from Sheridan College and also of graphic and web design. He currently works full time as a marketing manager.
Michael’s books are self-published and available on Amazon and other ebook sites. He enjoys the creative process of writing as well as getting the word out about his books through blogging, creating MEMEs and video trailers for his social networks. His new science fiction novel, A.I. Insurrection, was released February 1st, 2018. There are plans for a follow-up novel for this series but he doesn’t like to be tied down to just one genre for long, and has many short stories waiting to be developed.
Michael says, “My first published book was handed to me a month after I had handed my manuscript over to a friend who was traditionally published three times. She secretly edited it for me and used a vanity publisher to print the book and then handed it to me over a drink one night. From that moment I knew my life had changed. I went on to add two more books to the first - creating a trilogy. This was mostly for myself, but as I learned to navigate the world of self-publishing, I was thrilled to realize others were looking for books I was interested in writing.”
Michael continues, “I’ve always loved to bring stories to life through words as well as interpretive illustration. This is one reason I enjoy creating my own book covers and supporting artwork. If one creative outlet isn’t keeping me busy, another will take its place. Writing has sustained me for the last ten years and continues to stimulate my creative processes. I have three picture books and one Young Adult book which include my illustrations as well. Pairing my two loves is very satisfying.”
He says his writing improves with every book he publishes; the structure of the story and other technical aspects. His ability to market himself and his books has grown exponentially over the years as he has taught (and continues to teach) himself how to best use social networks to his advantage.
Michael has done book signings at Indigo in Burlington and in 2015 was a volunteer member of gritLIT, Hamilton’s Readers & Writers Festival.
As Michael is new to Brantford, he is getting a feel for the city. He loves Brantford’s connection to nature and the Grand River and he enjoys kayaking and biking the trails. He also loves how the community can get behind an idea and see it through, specifically the recent Holmedale Art Crawl.
Michael’s advice is, “As an artist, you are driven to create. Never, ever stop creating. Create for yourself. There are others who will appreciate your efforts and enjoy your works whether they are visual, musical, theatrical or written. You know you’re an artist if you feel happiest while creating something. When time ceases to exist. When the outside world is locked out of your head, and the only thing that matters is the present moment while you’re creating; you are an artist. You owe it to yourself and to those who would appreciate your art to never, ever stop.”
“The process of creating. The purpose behind it. To be able to write a story someone else will experience through your words is humbling. But I do it for myself first. I write the stories I want to read. I love watching them progress.” 
More information about Michael Poeltl and his novels can be found on his website and you can also follow him on his Facebook page where he does short video excerpts from his current novel.


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