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 Singing and Travelling for over 55 years:

Singing and Travelling for over 55 years: "Ramblin Lou" Schriver and WXRL Radio

Written by Donna Clements, Tourism Business Development Officer, Tourism and Economic Development, City of Brantford.
Singing and Travelling for over 55 years.
Recently, I organized a sales mission to Western Central New York and Southwestern Ontario.  I travelled with Cindy Hiscock from the Best Western Hotel & Conference Centre  and we met with 19 Tour Operators and Travel Agents.  It was a successful trip as always and business was booked on the road with some of the Operators.
One of our sales calls was quite unique.  We visited Ramblin’ Lou’s Tours and the home of WXRL Radio in Lancaster New York.  This Tour Operators office was in a rural area with just a small house as an office.  Little did Cindy and I know that we would be meeting celebrities that morning!
We entered the home office for Ramblin’ Lou’s Tours and WXRL Radio and greeted by Ramblin Lou’s wife Joanie.  As soon as you walked in the office you could see pictures and awards covering the walls of the Ramblin’ Lou Family Band and Lou himself with many many superstars of classic country music.  Lou was pictured with the likes of Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Garth Brooks and the list goes on. 
As it turns out the entire family loves to sing and have been singing together for years.  Lou Shriver was an American country musician and radio broadcaster for over 55 years.  He was the first person to broadcast country music over the Western New York airwaves.  Lou passed in 2016, but his family continues to honour his love for country music and travel and they still run WXRL radio station and the travel agency. 
Cindy and I were able to tour the radio station and spend time listening to the amazing stories of this family.  I am also happy to say that Ramblin’ Lou’s Tours has booked three separate tours for 2018 and plans to bring more of the same for 2019 to the area. 
Please check out WXRL radio (1300 am) and meet this wonderful family. 
Tourism Brantford Business Development Officer, Donna Clements


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