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Brantford Rotary Bike Park

Brantford Rotary Bike Park

Calling all Cyclers! Cycling can be difficult without a community to feel a part of. Luckily, Brantford has biking opportunities for cyclers new and seasoned. These come mainly in the form of the Brant Cycling Club, a group of bikers who work to promote biking in the community. Their most recent work, the Brantford Rotary Bike Park, is creating a safe place for novices and professionals to practice their skills. The Bike Skills Park, which is located at 400 Grand River Ave in Brantford, includes a series of jumps and ramps that allow for a safe skill progression. With beginner, intermediate and expert lines, the biker is able to build on their abilities while getting more air on the bike to do tricks. The pump track allows for a full body workout that also improves rider efficiency. The park will see a grand opening this fall.  For more information, please click here to open their website in a new browser.

Another project of the Brant Cycling Club is the development and maintenance of biking trails in the Brant area. They rely on volunteers who donate both time and money to preserve biking trails for everyone to enjoy. The Cycling Club also runs a variety of programs which promote cycling within the community. This includes group road and trail rides, which allow riders to become acquainted with other members of the community who enjoy cycling, all while experiencing the tranquility of nature within Brant. They meet on Mondays at 6pm at the Rotary Centennial Water Works Park. Rides vary between 20-25 kilometers. A membership costs $30, and the mandatory Ontario Cycling Association insurance is $42. The Club also offers youth programs that help kids experience cycling. The Youth Mountain Biking Program, called Sprockids, is led by Cycling Club volunteers, who teach kids biking skills in an environment that is safe and fun. These events take place each Monday of the summer, and costs $72 (member rate and insurance).

For more information on the Brant Cycling Club, email, or visit their website at

Photos: from the Brantford Rotary Bike Park Facebook Page


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