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Have Some Fun Playing Paintball

Have Some Fun Playing Paintball

Paintballing is a massive phenomenon across the world, but it can be difficult to find locations that offer a chance to try it. Luckily for those interested in the sport, there are several opportunities in the County of Brant.  Located in Hagersville, Crazy Bill’s Paintball is a large outdoor scenario paintball park that allows paintballers to experience only the most realistic fighting terrains. With a large setup that includes various junk cars, boats, log cabins and even a school bus, there are plenty of exciting places to find cover from game opponents.

Paintballing began as a recreational activity in the 1980’s. They used low-energy air weapons to fire paint at opponents. If a paintball hit another player, it would burst and the player would be out of the game. There are various different variations of the game, including capture the flag, elimination, defend the fort and many others. As it became more and more popular, large tournaments and events were created across the globe, and paintballing is even used in military and police training exercises as a safe means of learning combat tactics.

Crazy Bill’s offers a great deal of variety when it comes to paintballing. They have various fields, including the “Chemical Plant”, “The Trenches”, “Tac Town” and “The Bushball Field”, that each offer a different style of game that requires a unique tactical approach. Their “Trenches” field offers scenery and props similar to a WWII battlefield, whereas the “Bushball” field creates a forest scenario with log cabins, bush bunkers, and even tree towers.  

At Crazy Bill’s, full cases of paint cost between $75 and $90. Half cases cost from $45 to $55. Players are free to use the facilities with the purchase of paint, but there is also a ‘Bring Your Own Paint’ special that allows you to play for $35 using your paintballs that have already been purchased.

For more information visit Crazy Bill’s website:


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