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Practice Makes Perfect? Or Does It…

Practice Makes Perfect? Or Does It…

Written by Guest Blogger: Markus Schneider
In the world of competitive sports there are numerous steps which prepare us for the level of competition we find ourselves in. We can reflect back on the early days of working on understanding the basics of our craft and moving towards each new milestone as we progress along our pathway toward mastery. Our journey includes all the wins and loses, the lessons that we learned from both and all the personal and professional challenges we face and overcome to bring us to where we are today. It is within these years of training, growth and development that we challenge not only our physical strengths and ability, but also our mental strength in fighting onward; even when it would be easier to take off the equipment and walk away from it all. When we look at all the ways that we are challenged along the way, we see that it isn't just one type of training, drill or exercise that allows for the pieces to fall in place. It was, and is the combination of every practice, lecture, defeat, failure and triumph that prepares us for how we approach the game today. It is within the lessons we learn from everything we experience that shapes how we show up, and how we are going to breakdown the barriers that still lie ahead.
We are all familiar with the old adage “practice makes perfect” and if you’ve  been around enough stickler coaches, you’ve likely heard the common retort, “No, good practice make perfect” and they are right. Bad practice cultivates rigidity, poor habits, and ineffective performance. Good practice gives us the best advantage within our disciplines, and a good practice includes diversifying our training to focus on all the aspects that need work as they relate to the goals we set for ourselves. Good practice includes integrated training regimens that incorporate the discipline of both body and mind. Good practice includes knowing how the body is affected by nutrition, sleep and breath. A good practice is amplified in the body that is healthy physically and mentally. And this good practice integrates what we understand about the body and the mind into the discipline we are working towards mastering. Now, it is important to understand that mastering the discipline within a body and mind that isn't sharp is analogous to working with a dull knife or racing a car with only half the cylinders firing. The movements might be perfectly executed, and the hands of the operator might be on point, but without the proper tools what hope do we have of being world class?
Our bodies and minds are the catalyst for our success. Our potential is dependent on a healthy body/mind that functions to the best of its abilities. Showing up to practice with a healthy mind and body is a prerequisite to GOOD PRACTICE. For most of us this means having an effective meal plan to ensure our nutrition is in check, a sleep schedule that provides us with 7-9 hours of sleep each night, and a mental alertness practice like Yoga or Mindfulness that sharpens our awareness and increases our focus. These are the factors that amplify our potential and set us up on the pathway to good practice. And with good practice, you can’t guarantee perfection, but it will maximize your potential to succeed.
Markus Schneider,
Markus Schneider is a Modo Yoga instructor trained in Yoga Therapy and Mindfulness Meditation. He has extensive experience working with athletes and teams throughout Brant County. To find out more, contact him at:


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