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October's Featured Artist is Amber Baker

October's Featured Artist is Amber Baker

October’s Featured Artist is makeup artist Amber Baker. She specializes in bridal and event makeup but her artistry has also evolved into a love for special effects makeup.

Amber has been doing makeup professionally for over five years with her business Makeup by Amber Baker, but she has always had an interest in art. At a young age, she was always drawing and painting. It wasn’t until later in life when she took that artistic ability and channelled it into makeup. Now, instead of paper, faces are her canvas.

Amber’s inspiration came from when she was a little girl and did crafts with her aunt, who taught her how to draw. She would also watch her Grandma do her makeup in the morning; and thought she was so glamorous with her mirror that lit up. As Amber grew up, she realized she could combine the love she had for the two and could make women feel beautiful which she says is an amazing feeling.

When Amber started doing makeup, she would post photos online of looks she had done on herself. She soon started to receive requests from people asking if she would do their makeup. And after her clients saw the work she had done, they would remark, “Oh my god, I feel so pretty” or “I’ve never felt so beautiful”. And that’s when Amber realized that it was more than just her applying makeup to someone’s face. It was a feeling she was giving them. She was making them feel beautiful. Amber says, “That’s my favourite part of this job. I get to make women feel beautiful doing something that I just love doing. It really doesn’t feel like a job when you love it so much!”

Amber is currently busy with bridal season and most of her clients are brides and their bridal parties. She travels on location to do their makeup for the special day. Amber is also kept busy with makeup for everyday photo shoots, headshots, maternity photos and engagement shoots. And with Halloween rolling around, she's quite busy, as her incredible special effects makeup applications have become quite popular.

Amber is constantly growing, learning and trying to improve her artistry. During downtime, she enjoys playing with makeup and creating interesting looks. She loves to post makeup looks online that make people think, “Wow, that’s makeup?” One really can create anything with makeup, and it’s so fun!

Amber believes that social media is a valuable tool for artists. They can share their art easily and really get their name out there. Most of her clients and followers are word of mouth referrals, whose "likes" and "shares" really promote her work and help to bring in new followers and clients.  

Amber’s advice to other developing makeup artists is, “Never stop learning or practicing. You will only get better!”

For more information about Amber Baker and to view images of her incredible makeup artistry, visit her Facebook page and Instagram Account.

Scroll down to see some of her amazing work! 



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