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New Viet-Thai Restaurant in Downtown Brantford

New Viet-Thai Restaurant in Downtown Brantford

A new Viet-Thai restaurant opened a few months ago in downtown Brantford, and it’s quickly becoming the buzz of local food aficionados. Located at 86 Dalhousie Street, Nine North is an authentic Viet-Thai restaurant that features a variety of delicious dishes that will keep you coming back to explore the full menu.

Vietnamese food is simple, fresh and flavourful, and abundant with aromatic herbs, vegetables and chargrilled meats. At Nine North, vegetarians and those who need to avoid gluten will feel right at home – their menu specifies which dishes cater to specific dietary needs, with lots of selection available for all palettes.
Chilly autumn weather calls for savoury soup, like the Nine North Special soup – an exquisite house noodle soup brimming with an abundance of meats and simmered in beef bone marrow broth. Their Pho Bo Kho beef noodle stew has splashes of aromatic herbs and zesty lemon; and Thailand’s popular Tom Yum Soup, made with noodles, shrimp, tomatoes, mushrooms and asparagus in a sour and spicy broth is sure to warm you up. You can even create your own Pho (pronounced “fuh”) – a signature soup made in a chicken and beef broth – by adding items like rare or well-done beef, beef trip, and shrimp.
If you’re more into stir-fry and noodle dishes, their take on Thailand’s favourite comfort food – Pad Thai – can’t be missed; this rice noodle dish is tossed with fresh veggies and Nine North’s signature Pad Thai sauce, topped with chopped peanuts, and you can choose to add chicken, shrimp or beef. Other delicious dishes include their Vermicelli Combo served with fresh lettuce, mint, cucumber and peanuts; Cashew Nut Stir Fry in a delicious, mild orange and pineapple sauce; or Basil Stir Fry served with fresh basil and bamboo shoots.
Nine North is open every day, from 11am to 10pm. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram if you dare – their dishes and beautiful food photography will have you clamouring to visit every week!
Feel like staying in? Spend $50 before tax, and Nine North will deliver your meal for free in Brantford and surrounding areas (Brant, Paris and St. George). Call 519-304-7090 to order. 


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