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Unlocking the Potential of Canada’s Visitor Economy

Unlocking the Potential of Canada’s Visitor Economy

In Canada, the Tourism Industry generates significant economic impact.  Canadians may be surprised to learn that tourism is one of the nation’s largest economic sectors, generating total revenues in the order of $98 billion annually. 

A recent report published by Destination Canada highlights the fact that tourism visitation is on the rise.  Every day, more than 57,000 international overnight visitors stream into Canada, drawn by our safe, secure cities, friendly people, and remarkable natural parks and wildlife.  Brantford Ontario offers many of these great tourism product offerings year-round. 

Visitors to Canada are welcomed by hundreds of thousands of Canadians who work in our tourism sector, and who show off the very best our country can offer. From our largest cities to our most remote wilderness, and from world-class resorts and convention centers to the family-run bed-and-breakfast, there are few places in Canada that tourism does not touch.

Given the outsized importance of tourism to Canada, and the substantial growth opportunity of the sector, the report is intended to stimulate discussion about the structure, performance and potential of the tourism sector, and introduce possible avenues to grow Canada’s visitor economy.

Learn more about "Unlocking the Potential of Canada's Visitor Economy" and ponder the structure, performance and potential of the tourism sector.  Click here to read the full Destination Canada Report.


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