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April Featured Artist: Emilee-Mae Feely

April Featured Artist: Emilee-Mae Feely

April’s Featured Artist is Emilee-Mae Feely, who has been playing piano since the age of 4, and is a self-proclaimed music industrial “serial entrepreneur” from Brantford who has founded 5 businesses!

Emilee graduated from Brantford Collegiate Institute in 2010 and the University of Toronto in 2014. Emilee’s main business, Feely Piano School, began in Brantford and Waterloo in 2014. She started her business while in university to make some extra income; she began teaching piano lessons in students’ homes, and in only 3 years was in the position to hire her own staff. Since 2014, Feely Piano School has taught over 500 students in 10 cities and 3 provinces, and employs 30 contract teachers.

Feely Piano School continues to expand, and they are taking piano lesson inquiries in Brantford, Waterloo, Mississauga, Oakville, Hamilton, Ancaster, and Kitchener. Feely is also working on a new music app called BetterMusician to help piano students to stay focused and motivated during their lessons. Students will leave their paper notebooks behind and all homework will be assigned by text message or prepared on an iPad. When students complete their homework, they receive motivational badges and unlock fun characters. 

Currently, Emilee studies full-time as an entrepreneur in residence at Sheridan College’s EDGE program, and is affiliated with 4 other incubators. Her workspace at the EDGE offers mentors, like-minded individuals, and many helping hands in all aspects of running her business, and has given her “the tools to truly grow.” 

Emilee learned a lot from her parents, who brought her up with a wealth of exposure to music and creativity. She is also an avid reader, and suggests that aspiring artists and entrepreneurs should, “read the books of those whom you aspire to be.” Some of her favourite books that have inspired her include The Power of Habit, GRIT, The Brain’s Way of Healing, and The Monk who Sold his Ferrari. She is always striving to grow, noting that she would encourage others to “do something every day to get you where you imagine yourself as wanting to be tomorrow.”

Her most recent project is a music education application in India. This new partnership between Feely Piano Studio and Furtados Music India teaches individuals Hindustani vocals online. The online curriculum includes training on popular Bollywood songs, great warm up exercises, and is designed by Hindustani Music Online Lesson experts. 

To Celebrate International Women’s Day, Feely Piano School is giving away a first lesson to every new woman who enrolls in March 2019.  If you know of a friend, mother, daughter who you would like to celebrate keep this in mind! To claim your free music lesson, book online and mention that you saw this blog post under “How did you find us?”

You can keep up to date with what Emilee-Mae Feely is doing through various social media channels, including: YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


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