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Waffles and Crepes Cafe

Waffles and Crepes Cafe

Guest Blogger: Nancy Dow, Deliciously Brantford

The Brantford Downtown core has seen a few fantastic additions come onto the food scene in the last few months. The selection of restaurants is incredibly diverse and loaded with delectable choices from around the world for everything your palette could imagine!

Gathering together a group of ladies for brunch out one Sunday morning, the suggestion of Waffles and Crepes Café was made. The French café theme invites you to relax and indulge in the no rush to get anywhere, stay and chat for a while manner.

While the menu choices are currently limited, the attitude of only doing a few things but doing them right is on point!

Sitting down we were greeted with attentive but not overbearing service to cater to our group of 6. The list of coffees, teas and espresso based beverage choices was a hard list to choose from. The towering Latte Macchiato caught my eye so I opted for the white chocolate, which was the perfect choice for me! The dreamy looking drink arrived in front of me topped with whip, the white chocolate drizzle and a spoon! Cracking the chocolate into the hot espresso base just melted the duo together for a creamy caffeinated beverage delicious to every last drip.

Each of the 6 of us ordered something different to try and each came to us with impressive plating. Fresh strawberries, banana and apple topped with a heaping scoop of ice cream and each covered with a drizzle of chocolate, caramel or Nutella piled on our waffle or crepe ensured none of us left hungry.

The company of good friends, the indulgence of decadent food and the quiet background music piped in left us with an enjoyable brunch experience.

Although the café is open for brunch hours with them being open later in the evening this would be a fantastic option for an after dinner treat and watch for the new addition of savoury menu items coming soon!


For more information, please contact Waffles & Crepes Café

Waffles & Crepes Café

60 Colborne St., Brantford N3T 2G5

(519) 304-9304


About Nancy Dow


Nancy is the writer behind Deliciously Brantford, a local food and lifestyle blog that started in 2015. She is a typical busy mom/wife working full time at a locally owned business. She also owns her own small sewing business, I Can So Sew That, which started in 2013. Nancy writes, “my approach to this blog is simple. I share what I eat. The pictures you see are exactly how it was delivered to me. Nothing is staged. I believe this is what sets me apart from the others. It’s my honest, nonchalant in-and-out opinion on being an average customer. Covering the Brantford, Ontario area, the realization that it is quickly becoming a hot spot for “hidden gems” is clear. With over 60 locally owned independent restaurants alone (not including shops and small businesses) and growing, it’s not hard to find a unique eating experience."


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