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Brantford's best-kept entertainment secret is Players Indoor Golf & Sports Bar!

Brantford's best-kept entertainment secret is Players Indoor Golf & Sports Bar!

How many amateur golfers can say they have had the pleasure of playing at both Pebble Beach and St. Andrews in their lifetime? How many can say they have played them both on the same weekend or even day? Well, now YOU can when you visit Players Indoor Golf & Sports Bar in Brantford!

Located at 49 Dalkeith Drive, Players Indoor Golf & Sports Bar is an absolute ‘one-of-a-kind’ destination for interactive indoor sports simulation and one of Brantford’s best-kept entertainment secrets. Their Full Swing S8 Simulators are the same as those used by PGA Tour Pros for serious practice and data analysis to enhance their own game. Every simulator includes Dual Tracking Technology that displays the most accurate measurements in the industry. The High Speed Ballistic Camera tracks the ball by measuring ball spin characteristics like side spin, back spin and spin axis as well as club path, club head and club face angle. Infrared Light Waves instantly measure the speed, launch angle and direction of the ball. 

With many local golf courses announcing their season opening dates this month, it’s time to dust off the clubs and head to Players to get your practice swings in. Fine-tune your game and travel the globe, with over 100 championship courses and driving ranges to choose from. 

In 2018, Players also introduce MultiSport Full Swing Simulators, where you can play 13 incredible sports games using your own sporting equipment. Hockey, Soccer, Baseball, Football, Basketball, Cricket, Lacrosse, and Rugby are just a few of the additional sports that have been added over the last year.

With a tasty assortment of menu items, ranging from breakfast sandwiches to appetizers, burgers, sandwiches, pizzas, and more, Players has everything you need to make your next round comfortable and enjoyable.

Enjoy the most realistic indoor golf experience and play with up to six players, starting at just $30/hr. Reservations are recommended.

Visit the Players Indoor Golf & Sports Bar website for more information and to plan your trip.

Upcoming Events

Visit Players Indoor Golf & Sports Bar on Masters Sunday (Sunday, April 14, 2019) for their Customer Appreciation Day. 50% off all simulators, all food, and all beverages.


Players Indoor Golf & Sports Bar

49 Dalkeith Dr., Unit #3

Brantford, ON

N3P 1M1



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