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Featured Artist: Mike D’Eri

Featured Artist: Mike D’Eri

June’s Featured Artist is Mike D’Eri, also known as NMEDJ, a Brantford-based, award-winning music producer, vinyl turntablist, and self-proclaimed “heavy-handed vinyl junkie.”

D’Eri started his career in turntablism, which is the art of manipulating sounds and creating new music, sound effects and beats using two or more turntables and DJ mixer. A few years ago, he started taking music production more seriously, embracing ever-changing technology, and shifting his focus to play his own music live. As technology evolves, so does his craft. “As technology evolves, so does my workflow; it enables me to look at things in different ways. Technology has always been inspiring to me.”

D’Eri has taken home first place in a number of prestigious DJ events across Ontario, including the Solid Apparel DJ Skills Competition and Laurier University Brantford DJ Battle. He has toured across Canada, playing at festivals and concert halls in cities from Montreal, to St. John’s, to Toronto. He has been the live DJ for many international recording artists, like Choclair, Onyx, Dreezus, Apathy & Celph Titled, Top Cat, and more. He’s also opened for dozens of notable artists, including: A Tribe Called Red, Lil’ Jon, Beenie Man, and DJ Yella. D’Eri is currently signed to international record labels, including Champion Beats and Front Artillery Records, and has many upcoming 2019 releases to look forward to. 

When not travelling across Canada, Mike works for the Brantford-based DJ company, Pynx Productions. Chances are, if you’re at a major concert or special event with a live DJ locally, Mike is there. He also works closely with community event organizers, such as Councillor Joshua Wall and Murky Productions, for events like Art Battle Brantford. Anywhere that needs a beat, you’ll find NMEDJ. For the lucky ticket-holders, you’ll hear his work next at the sold out Taste of Glenhyrst Canivale di Venezia fundraiser on June 20, 2019. D’Eri is very engaged in his community, and is a proud Brantfordian. “I love watching this city grow, and I love growing with it…I love Brantford and hope to live here for many years to come. Don’t talk negatively about Brantford around me, or we’re going to have problems!”

His strongest inspiration came from his father, who sadly passed away in late 2018. “My father never asked me if I was making good money doing what I do, he would just ask me if I was happy doing what I’m doing and enjoying the journey… I draw on the inspiration he gave me to pursue my dreams in this life,” D’Eri recollects. “He never doubted me, you know? He gave me the space to practice my craft as much as it probably drove him crazy sometimes, but he was always – and I mean always – behind me, even now.”

D’Eri’s advice for emerging artists: “Learn to love the word ‘no’” and recognize that succeeding in the arts is not for the faint of heart. “Life is tough, wear a helmet,” he says. “Not everybody is going to like what you’re doing, but you’re not doing it for them – you’re doing it for you. If you are encountering enemies along the way, it means you are travelling along the correct path. It’s not ‘show friends,’ it’s ‘show business’.”

For more information about Mike D’Eri, follow his Facebook and Instagram pages for NMEDJ.



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