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Help Us Celebrate Culture Days!

Help Us Celebrate Culture Days!

Culture Days (September 27-29, 2019) is a national celebration of arts and culture. At the end of each September, millions of people across Canada attend thousands of free, public participatory arts and culture events across the country. Culture Days programs invite the public to get hands-on, and learn behind-the-scenes, to highlight the importance of arts and culture in our communities.

This year is the 10th anniversary of Culture Days, and the theme is Creativity, the Arts, and Well-being. Arts and culture provide deep, meaningful impacts on the well-being of individuals and the vitality of our community. How have arts and culture changed your own perspective, inspired you, or given you opportunities? Wouldn’t it be great to share your time and talent with the community so that they can discover their own personal appreciation of arts and culture to enrich their own lives?

How Can I Host an Activity?

Culture Days organizers can be absolutely anyone – from cultural organizations, to grassroots community volunteers, to individuals and independent artists. Culture Days offers a wide variety of resources, webinars, and research to assist you in all of your planning, marketing and promotional needs. The City of Brantford Economic Development & Tourism Department also helps you to coordinate your marketing efforts, and invests in online and print advertising to spread the word about your events. 

All you have to do is ensure that your activity meets the following criteria:

  1.      The event must happen at some point between September 27-29, 2019;
  2.      The event must be free (you can accept donations, but there should be no financial barrier to participate in the event);
  3.      The event must be participatory in some way; and
  4.      The event must be uploaded to

There are a number of free resources on the Culture Days website that will help you to brainstorm which activity you’d like to present, and how to spread the word. You may also wish to participate in their regular, free webinars.  

If you need some help getting started, email or call 519-751-9900. We’d be happy to put you in touch with a venue, help you brainstorm some event ideas, or explain how your event will be promoted locally.



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