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Get the Scoop on Dairee Delite!

Get the Scoop on Dairee Delite!

A fixture in the Brantford community, Dairee Delite is a 50s style ice cream shop that has proudly served Brantford since 1953. For more than 60 years, the quaint ice cream shop has delighted customers with frozen treats, from ice cream cones and banana splits, to strawberry shortcakes and frozen cakes.

Open seven days a week from 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., the opening and closing of Dairee Delite in mid-March and late September signals the beginning of spring and fall seasons for many Brantford residents.

The extensive menu boasts a wide variety of treats to choose from, including traditional ice cream cones and sundaes with modern twists. Fancy a dipped cone? You have your choice of nine(!) different flavours, including: chocolate, butterscotch, peanut butter, blue raspberry, cherry, coconut, cake batter, cotton candy, and white chocolate. Enjoy frozen yogurt, sundaes, yogurt pies, flurries and delitewichs. Cool drinks such as milkshakes, floats, smoothies, slushies, fruit freezes and icebergs are available in a wide variety of flavours. Delites are the house special and range from Oreo, Reeses or Smarties Delite to Peanut Butter Delite, and more. All Delites are topped with real whipped cream and a sweet maraschino cherry. 

Dairee Delite is the perfect little spot for an afternoon treat or post-meal dessert. The cozy pink picnic tables behind the ice cream shop offer plenty of seating so you can chat with friends or family members. With over 60 years of service under their belt, Dairee Delite is a business built on tradition and many of its customers have their own traditions associated with the sweet stand.

The original ice cream stand was known as Koster’s Cream-EEE-Freeze was built in 1953 and was located on Brant Ave. at Bedford St. until 1965. In 1965, the ice cream stand moved into the Brantford Mall parking lot and changed its name to Dairee Delite. As the story goes, the ice cream stand was offered as part of a poker game where it changed hands not once, but twice. The second time it changed hands, the winner had the stand moved from the Brantford Mall parking lot to its current location in the Home Hardware plaza on St. Paul Avenue. That is the Dairee Delite that we know and love today.

Dairee Delite is a seasonal shop that needs no introduction in Brantford, but if you are just visiting the City, be sure to plan a visit to this delicious pillar of our community. You will not be disappointed.

For more information, please visit the Dairee Delite website.


Dairee Delite

10 King George Rd.

Brantford, ON N3R 5K7



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