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Wizards Unite in Brantford!

Wizards Unite in Brantford!

Remember the Pokémon Go phase from a few years ago? You would be sitting in front of your computer and a co-worker would oddly wander by with their phone, narrowly missing the corner of your desk. Or you would be driving and a young adult would walk blindly out in front of you in the middle of an intersection? Good times.

While Pokémon Go is still very much ‘a thing,’ the next big thing is Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Of the same vein, Wizards Unite is an augmented reality (AR) mobile game inspired by the Wizarding World that puts magic in the hands of players worldwide. Tourism Brantford staff recently came across community members playing this game at Jaycee Park, so we just had to get the scoop on this game that’s taking our city by storm.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite was launched for Android and iOS mobile devices on June 21, 2019. In this game, like it’s Pokémon predecessor, you walk around, you swipe, you collect—same old. However, for Harry Potter fans starved for just a little something more, you will absolutely love coming up with your wizarding name, designing your own wand, and choosing a profession. Will you be an Auror? Professor? Magizoologist?

Game features include creating your own Ministry of Magic ID, personalizing your selfie with Wizarding World-inspired lenses, frames, deformations, accessories, stickers, and more customizable features. Collect ingredients from greenhouses on the map and store them up to brew different potions that Snape himself would be impressed with. What shape does your patronus take?  You may just need it for spell casting and advanced AR encounters.

While you wander through Brantford, your mobile devices may indicate that you have found a portkey. These portkeys will reveal an immersive VR-like experience and transport players into iconic Wizarding World locations. Explore the real world and trigger specific encounters and wizarding challenges.

Tourism Brantford has it on good authority (from the Minister of Magic himself—well, not actually) that Jaycee Park is a hotbed of activity for this game right now, as is Victoria Park in downtown Brantford. If you are a Pokémon Go player, you will find that the landmarks within Harry Potter: Wizards Unite to be very similar. Downtown Brantford has several inns as well as a main fortress for wizard battles, so you can find almost everything you need right there. 

Need a break from the Wizarding World? Park your Nimbus 2000 downtown and socialize with muggles for an hour, while enjoying lunch at one of the fabulous downtown eateries. For those 19+, stop by Elements Casino Brantford and (fingers crossed!) take your winnings all the way to Gringotts! Have fun playing this game, and exploring our beautiful city while you do. Just make sure you to always have your “wands at the ready!”

For more information about Harry Potter: Wizards Unite game, please visit the website



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