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Lawren Harris Week (October 16-23, 2017)

Lawren Harris Week (October 16-23, 2017)

The Lawren Harris Movement invites the community to Lawren Harris Week in Brantford from October 16-23, 2017. Learn more about who Harris was, where he lived, and about his legacy in Canadian art with a full week of free activities that all ages will enjoy.

Who Was Lawren Harris?

You’ve probably heard of Tom Thomson, and the Group of Seven, but did you know that there would have been no Group of Seven if it hadn’t been for a man born right here, in Brantford?

Celebrate the 130th Birthday of Lawren Harris in Brantford

One of Canada’s most prolific painters, Lawren Harris, was born right here in Brantford on October 23, 1885. Harris is best known as a member of the Group of Seven, a collective of artists who pioneered a style of Canadian landscape painting that became popular in the early twentieth century. The works that he is probably best known for are his simplified abstracted representations of Canada’s Arctic landscape.

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