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2015 ICOMA World Championships

2015 ICOMA World Championships

D&D United Martial Arts is proving on the world stage the skills and mastery its students have. They recently competed on Team Canada at the 2015 ICOMA World Championships held earlier this month in Costa Rica.

Nine competitors from the dojo earned 35 medals – 10 gold, 12 silver and 13 bronze. The winners are as follows:

  • Bryon Davis – 2 gold medals (Sparring & Synchronized), 2 silver medals (Weapons & Forms), and 1 bronze medal (Open)
  • Linda Geikie Davis – 3 gold medals; a triple crown winner (Weapons, Sparring, & Synchronized) and 2 silver medals (Forms & Open)
  • Kelsey Cooper – 1 silver medal (Open) and 3 bronze medals (Weapons, Forms, & Synchronized)
  • Sabrina Beecraft – 3 silver medals (Weapons, Sparring, & Chambara) and 2 bronze medals (Forms & Open), Team Canada MVP
  • Miriam Levett – 3 silver medals (Weapons, Forms, & Open)
  • Connor Beecraft – 1 gold medal (Sparring), 1 silver medal (Chambara), and 2 bronze medals (Weapons & Forms)
  • Piper Force – 1 gold medal (Chambara) and 2 bronze medals (Weapons & Forms)
  • Amber Beauregard – 3 bronze medals (Weapons, Forms, & Chambara)
  • Cole VonLukawiecki – 3 gold medals; a triple crown winner (Weapons, Forms, & Sparring)

Established in 1993, D&D United Martial Arts is a family-oriented dojo focusing on both the physical and mental aspects of martial arts.  Respect, Confidence and Self-Discipline are the major components of their curriculum. They currently have about 100 students studying their practice at the facility and every one of all skill levels are welcome. They even have a three-year old student!

Master Bryon Davis is the owner and instructor at D&D Untied Martial Arts. He holds a Godan Black Belt (5th degree) in Goju-ryu and a Godan Black Belt in Wado-Kai Karate. Bryon not only empowers his students through martial arts, but also gives back to the community as a long serving member of the TCO Board of Directors. The Tournament Capital of Ontario salutes you and your students and wishes you continued success! 

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